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Knitted Cotton Dishcloth. Handmade Cloth With Scrubby Sections. Orange and White Kitchen Cloth.

The Summer-y Orange Dishcloth The bright hues of orange in this cloth remind me of beautiful and sunny summer days. It's a great piece to brighten up your kitchen! 100% Cotton Approximately 21cm (8.5in) x 18.5cm (7.5in). The cloth is a bit wider than it is longer. Reusable. Eco-Friendly. Sustainable. Hand knitted with ❤️ by me 🙂. I take great care and pride in the items I knit. This dishcloth is knitted in a pattern that I created. The pattern and yarn combination creates a cloth that is large and thick. I've used Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn which makes a high quality, naturally soft, and absorbent cotton dishcloth. It also has smooth and scrubby sections which are perfect for cleaning up kitchen messes and scrubbing off stuck-on food from dishes, pots, and pans. It's a beautiful cloth that is also very durable. These dishcloths can be washed with like-coloured towels and other cloths in warm water and tumble dried at a normal heat setting. If you would like more dishcloths than I have in stock or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at If you enjoy my knitted pieces you can favourite my shop so you can be notified when new items are added. If you want to see my knitting process and new pieces being made, you can follow me on: Instagram: @calicocountryknits Facebook:
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Knitted Dishcloths

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